Relief for Ukranians

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Relief for Ukranians

Uniting for Ukraine Parole Program – If you are outside the United States

On April 21, 2022, the Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) program was announced by the U.S. government. This program allows Ukrainian citizens and their immediate family members outside the United States to live and work in the United States for a temporary parole period of 2 years. There is no pathway to lawful permanent residence status or U.S. Citizenship through the U4U program. You may have other personal factors which may qualify you for other types of relief, such as asylum.

You must have a U.S.-based supporter to apply for the program. This supporter must hold lawful status in the United States, be a parolee, or be a beneficiary of deferred action. This includes U.S. Citizens, Green Card holders, parolees, asylees, refugees, TPS holders, DACA holders and nonimmigrants in lawful status, such as nonimmigrant workers or students. A supporter must also demonstrate sufficient financial resources to receive, maintain, and support you.

Eligible beneficiaries include Ukrainian citizens in possession of a valid Ukrainian Passport (or a child included on a parent’s passport) as well as their non-Ukrainian spouses and unmarried children under 21. Beneficiaries must be outside of the United States, have resided in Ukraine immediately before the Russian invasion (through February 11, 2022), and have been displaced because of the invasion.

Temporary Protected Status – If you are inside the United States

Ukrainian citizens already in the United States are eligible for a different program, called Temporary Protected Status, which authorizes beneficiaries to live and work in the U.S. for a temporary period designated by the government, which at this time is until April 19, 2025. This end date is extended by the government if the unsafe conditions in the designated country continue.

To be eligible, a Ukrainian citizen (or stateless person that last resided in Ukraine) must have continuously resided in the United States since August 16, 2023, and been continuously physically present in the United States since October 20, 2023. Continuous residence and physical presence are not affected by brief, casual trips outside the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, both parole and TPS only provide temporary legal status in the United States. Other factors may qualify you for a Green Card however, such as a legitimate asylum claim, a U.S. based employer willing to apply for you, or a familial relationship to a Green Card holder or U.S. citizen. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about your individual options.ent legal status.

No, the government will make a discretionary finding that the supporter does or does not have sufficient financial resources based on their income, assets, and plan of housing and support for you as described in the application for the U4U program.

You still can apply for Temporary Protected Status even if you did not arrive in the United States on parole and are now in the United States unlawfully, so long as you meet the entry by date requirements.

If you wish to travel outside the U.S. you would need to apply for Advance Parole. You cannot travel freely with TPS the way that you can with a Green Card or citizenship.

TPS is extended for a country if the conditions creating the instability in the country continue. The dates of required residence or physical presence may also be moved forward when this happens, but you would have to wait to see if this would occur, potentially accruing unlawful presence during this time, which may affect your eligibility for certain types of permanent legal status.

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