Camille Carvalho
Administrative Assistant

Camille is a first-generation American born and raised in New England. Her parents’ experiences as immigrants, especially that of her mother, heavily influenced her upbringing. Her mother always instilled in her a passion for helping the immigrant community access the resources they need but are unaware of.
She currently works as an administrative assistant creating case files, creating and designing digital forms and web pages, and contacting partner companies to vendors. She is also responsible for the internal training processes of the firm.
Prior to joining our team at Massa Viana, Camille volunteered at the Brazilian American Center (BRACE) in Framingham. Her passion for volunteering and helping underprivileged communities led her to immigration law. She is fluent in English and Portuguese and is proficient in Spanish.
Camille currently attends Framingham State University in the College of Social Sciences where she majors in Sociology with a Spanish minor. When she is not studying, Camille loves to run, hike, and travel with friends.

B.A. Sociology, Spanish Minor Framingham State University (expected Dec. 2023)