Francisco Pena

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Francisco Pena

I came to the United States in August 2013 seeking a better life, primarily for my daughters’ education and a brighter future. Initially, it was challenging, especially for my daughters in school due to the language barrier. In 2017, two years after our marriage, my wife passed away. I already had the Green Card, but I needed to adjust my status, and her death left me uncertain.

I visited various law offices until someone recommended Amanda and her team. Their involvement brought me hope and tranquility. I had the tools but didn’t know how to navigate immigration. Amanda, who understood my life better than I did at times, guided me through the process.

Now, my future is different. I have a good job, and my eldest daughter is in her third year of college, while the younger one is starting college. I thank God for placing wonderful people in my path, willing to listen, help, and accompany me throughout this journey. I’ve achieved my dreams, and it’s true that when you need an immigration law office, they make a difference.

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